COMELSA SLU is a company specialized in mechanical-electrical constructions and has been developing its activity since 1985.

We focus our business on providing water and engine repair services, motor windings, alternators and electrical transformers, industrial refrigeration and air conditioning installations. We offer maintenance and after-sales services, and we also have an extensive workshop for the repair of all types of mechanical and electrical equipment.

We review and repair electrical windings for motors, alternators, both AC and DC transformers, single-phase and three-phase. We have 30 years of experience manufacturing coils of all types and sizes with the best materials, machinery and specialized operators in order to offer a high quality and professional service. We are in optimal condition to perform work from the simplest motors to the most complex alternators. The production method used for the manufacture of the different sets of coils, guarantees its highest quality as we have the necessary equipment such as impregnator, drying oven and test bench.


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