We provide turnkey solutions and products for all types of installations in the world of water.


Electro-hydraulic works for industry and public estates with qualified technical improvements.

Natural Environment

Integral services in the world of renewable energies to offer alternatives for a better future.

The Group

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The AQUACENTER® Holding Group provide products and services to activities to the hydraulic and energy sector for public administrations, private companies and individuals.

The Group was founded in 1996 as a result of gathering six companies: Catalana de Perforacions SA, Elèctrica Pintó SL, Domini Ambiental SL, Webdom Labs SL, Gestió Solar Sostenible SL, Comelsa SL.

The Aquacenter® companies show a global orientation to supply technical solutions to their costumers each one in a different speciality.

With its head office based in Santpedor (Barcelona, Spain) and more than a hundred employees, the Aquacenter companies own a high technologic level and a human team highly qualified.

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Aquacenter Group Services

Our Services

Serveis de Perforació
Drilling Services

Specialists in vertical drilling for groundwater abstraction and directed horizontal drilling.

Seawater Catchment and Land-Sea Connections

Capture of seawater by means of directed horizontal drains, marine interconnections and land-sea connections.

Exploració Minera
Mineral Exploration

Execution of drilling campaigns in the field of potash mining.

Ground Research
Ground Research

Comprehensive service in subsoil research with non-invasive techniques.

Tractament d'Aigua
Drinking Water and Wastewater

Comprehensive services for the treatment and distribution of drinking and wastewater.

Aigües Subterrànies
Underground Water

Comprehensive water management, maintenance and execution of electro-hydraulic installations for groundwater.

Pumps Repair and Assembling Works

Repairs of submersible or surface electric pumps and boiler workshop.

Quadres Elèctrics
Switchboards and Automation

Design, construction and installation of electrical panels and automation for a large number of applications in the world of electro-hydraulics.

Remote Control Systems

Remote control, remote management, telemetry and data acquisition in monitoring and control systems of drinking water networks.


Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance for the management of electro-hydraulic installations.

Energies Renovables
Renewable Energies

Renewable energy installations: photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, aerothermal and energy monitoring.

Lighting Systems

Assembly and installation of lighting systems with LED technology and natural lighting.

Bobinatge motors
Mechano-Electrical Constructions

Engine overhaul, motor windings, alternators and transformers.

Món de l'aigua
Products and accessories for the world of water

Distribution of products and accessories for the world of water: pumps, pipes, meters, industrial hose …

Aparellatge elèctric
Lighting and Electrical

Lighting products, electrical equipment and industrial automation.

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring systems for photovoltaic fields, energy consumption …

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