Catalana de Perforacions


Catalana Perforacions SA, was Founded in 1968 as a company specialized in Implementation of pozos for the catchment of water Groundwater y Perforaciones horizontales directed, important know-how of this technology in the Spanish Market in 1997 has since then diversified its Ido activities, currently offering a wide range of solutions aimed at the field of water and the environment.



Elèctrica Pintó


Eléctrica Pintó SL, began its activity in 1974 with the assembly of electro-hydraulic pumps and until today the company has developed many projects related to the world of water and energy. Always committed to innovation and efficiency in carrying out the work, Eléctrica Pintó provides a service aimed at continuous improvement with a high level of involvement before, during and after the work, a continuous maintenance of the facilities, a fast response to any unforeseen events; the experience and success of all these years guarantee his professionalism.





clorEP, is a division specialized in the dosing of reagents and disinfection of water founded in 2014 within the company Eléctrica Pintó S.L. It has a wide range of products that cover a variety of facilities: Cl2, NH3, ClO2, electrochlorination and dosing of liquid reagents. Develops turnkey projects, including electrohydraulic installation, boilermaking, assembly assistance and commissioning.





Comelsa SL is a company specialized in mechanical-electrical constructions since 1985. It focuses its activity on offering engine repair services, motor windings, alternators and electrical transformers, industrial refrigeration and air conditioning installations, we offer maintenance and after-sales services . It also has an extensive electro-mechanical repair shop.



Domini Ambiental


Domini Ambiental SL occupies a privileged place in the water and renewable energy sector, key elements in the future of energy management. Founded in 2002 in Santpedor (Barcelona) and with a clear environmental orientation. The exclusive distribution of the best international brands and a great technical training are the bases of their contribution.



Webdom Labs


Webdom Labs SL was founded in 2011 and manufactures monitoring systems (software and hardware) for the control of photovoltaic plants, thermal production and consumption of electricity, water and / or gas. Its products allow measuring and controlling energy consumption, thus contributing to energy and economic savings.



Camp Solar


Gestió Solar Sostenible was founded in 2005 in Santpedor (Barcelona) and is committed to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of solar fields and photovoltaic installations. In addition, it offers a wide range of ancillary services to make these electrical power supply facilities continuous and efficient.