Aquacenter Group

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The AQUACENTER Group® is oriented to the supply of products and services for activities in the hydraulic and energy sector for public administrations, private companies and individuals.

It was born in 1996 as a result of the union of seven companies: Catalana de Perforacions SA, Eléctrica Pintó SL, Domini Ambiental SL, Webdom Labs SL, Gestió Solar Sostenible SL, Comelsa SL, FCO Underground Corp.

The group companies present a global orientation, providing technical solutions to their clients’ problems, each one in a different specialty.

With headquarters in Santpedor (Barcelona, Spain) and more than a hundred workers on its staff, the group companies have facilities of a high technological level and a highly qualified human team.




Employ the synergy resulting from the union of our companies to develop and provide solutions aimed at an efficient use of energy and a better use of natural resources.


To be a global benchmark in the development and application of environmental engineering, in order to promote the development of communities and the achievement of a sustainable economy.



Our resources and efforts are exclusively used to fulfill the obligations acquired with our clients. We assume as an objective the surpassing of the initially created expectations.


We like direct and personal treatment with our clients, listening and attending to their needs, as well as taking into account their suggestions and criticisms.


We firmly believe in the principle of the economy of the common good and we work to make this world a better place to live in harmony with the natural environment that surrounds us.


For us there are no borders, only the people who inhabit this planet and the projects that contribute to improving their quality of life.


We like to take the initiative. We do not give up in the face of challenges and we face each new project with enthusiasm and perseverance.